Why I Say ‘Happy EVERYONE’S Day’

All in all is all we are

Today I want to write a little about what I see is going on with our society.

I think that we all are being deceived.

Let me explain: when we depend on others to make our judgements, we are prone to be controlled.

This is what happens in our world today: we have several institutions telling us what to buy, what to believe and what to say.

In short: if you want to participate in a particular group, you need to follow their rules.

That is why marketing is so effective: they create an artificial set of rules, project that into media campaigns and push you a product that will allow you to fit in that group, once purchase has been made.

Every major social institution uses this principle:

Governments tell you that to ‘rebuild the society’ you should be in THEIR side.

Religions tell you have to follow a strict rulebook to fit in THEIR heaven.

As we can see, looking at the world today, this doesn’t work too well…

This way of thinking just fucked up society.

So I think that the most important thing for making this a better place to live is to remember that behind all that media-and-government-pushed dual world, lies the Unity that we all are, as a universal system.

A Unity in which it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, a bear or a turtle.

I say: let’s celebrate that Unity, not what makes us different. 

I believe that this is a way to propagate the idea that we should respect and accept everyone by what they are.

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