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Life Is Short, And Our Time To Learn And Create Is Limited...

As Robert Greene put it in his book Mastery, the mentor – student relationship is the most effective and productive way of learning. 

Why? Because mentors can direct your attention and challenge you to advance to the next step.
With permanent and intense interaction, their knowledge and experience become yours.
Check what Tony Robbins has to say about mentorship in the following clip:

That’s Why My Goal Is To Get You
To The Next Level

When I started mentoring for DesignLab -one of the most advanced academies in UX Design, I discovered the great potential that this kind of work can have in students, and how fast get them to advance.
Nowadays, User Experience Design is everywhere. Back in 2008 when I first started, it was pretty difficult to find any kind of material that apply to this newly created field.
Luckily, times had change for the best. But with change comes a lot of struggle in the apprenticeship stage.
See, the thing is that we can always check YouTube for explaining videos.
We can even buy some courses on Lynda or Udemy… We may go the next mile and invest more than $30,000 to assist to a full-stack course, like the ones that Stanford and Google provide.
But none of those guarantee that you’ll have a mentor, which works with you one-on-one and gives you the right tools, at the right time, for your career development.

This Is What My Mentees Said About It

“Mariano has been a great mentor throughout my time with DesignLab. First off, he is a thorough person with a ton of experience – he “practices what he preaches”.

I started off with next to no knowledge of how the design process works, but he knew the right combination of personal anecdotes and formal knowledge that would be helpful to get me started.

He provides great constructive feedback, and is extremely easy to talk to. I was definitely looking forward to each one of our sessions, during which I could see and hear what doing design in the real world was like, and what opportunities it gave you as its practitioner.

Thank you Mariano, and good luck with everything!”

Nikola C.
Forward Deployed
Software Engineer


“Mariano is a very engaged and passionated person and he brings that into his mentorship.
He gives clear concise feedback both on form and content – which is appreciated. Mariano is a sharing person, he always have links or literature to recommend or good examples from his own work to show within areas of your curiosity. 
I enjoyed working with him in my UX research Designlab course and I learnt a lot!”

Ingela B.
Senior Project Manager/Agile


How I Will Help You To Achieve UX Design Mastery

We live in a world where getting a job in UX Design is a truly competitive endeavor.

The main objective of this mentorship is getting you an edge to get to the next stage.
We’ll focus in the following:

Observation One of the most important things is to understand what are the rules of the UX game, learn how the system REALLY works.

I’ll help you to find what are these rules in the specialty that you are looking to conquer.
Skill acquisition
To be a UX generalist is cool, but it’s certainly something that takes a lot of time to develop.
The idea of this one-on-one mentorship is to reduce the learned skills to the most crucial and important ones for your own objectives.
Our main objective will be get you out of your comfort zone. I’ll led you to make mistakes, take full responsibility, and then do it again.
It generally takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at any craft, and my job will be to guide you to improve the [time invested] / [results] ratio.
Social Intelligence
As a UX Designer, you will have to do whatever necessary to avoid being caught up in power games and manipulations in order to fully concentrate on your development.
That is why one of the most important parts of this mentorship will be about learning to read people and act accordingly. I’ve included a mini course on this subject, to allow you grow this precious skillset.

How We Are Going To Work

What You Get


During our month working together, our focus will be in taking you to the next level -no matter if you are looking to kickstart your solo UX practice or getting project management abilities.
Before the first call, we’ll focus on putting your objective in perspective. And then, we’ll put deadlines and next actions for the weeks to come.
From there, we’ll have three more Skype meetings, to keep you on track and disarm the obstacles that appear along the way. As you know, accountability is king!
At the same time, you’ll be getting through the video contents, and you’ll be able to ask all your questions live in our calls, or by our private Slack community.


You’ll get unlimited access to the UX Strategy Bundle, which contains my best-selling UX Strategy course (which currently have more than 3,000 students) and two short courses on how to present and manage yourself in meetings.
(Nevertheless, my recommendation is that you finish the courses before the end of the coaching month. In this way, you’ll get precious tools needed to succeed in the objective that you have in hand!)


A place to present your cases and get not only my personal coaching, but also the contributions of the rest of the community.
This Slack community will be of great help if you need to ask for reviews or testing on the work that we’ll be doing.


The Indigo Studio Pro 1-year Full License will give you the ability to create realistic, testable prototypes in no time.

This is my favorite UX tool ever, and it also allows you to create excellent storyboards.

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