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UX Design Strategy Bundle

A comprehensive system to manage UX projects, which includes templates, tools and strategies, tested in the field.


UX Mission Control & Strategy 

Learn A Comprehensive System To Manage UX Projects, Which Includes Templates, Tools And Strategies, Tested In The Field.

+ 1.5 hours on-demand video

+ 15 Articles 

+ 4 Supplemental Resources

+ Full lifetime access

+ Access on mobile and TV

$200 value

Presenting Under Stress: Presentation Skills Fundamentals

Get a simple self-dev framework to change how you present in any situation.

+ 34 mins on-demand video

+ 10 Articles 

+ 5 Supplemental Resources 

+ Full lifetime access 

+ Access on mobile and TV

$35 value

Master Presentation Design Framework

Get a simple, repeatable framework to create fantastic presentations, understanding your audience in the first place

+ 37 mins on-demand video

+ 10 Supplemental Resources 

+ Full lifetime access 

+ Access on mobile and TV

$35 value


Indigo Studio Pro (1-year Full License) 

$495 value


30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee


Private Learning Community Access (Slack) 

$49/month value

  • You Information And Investment Is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.

Get The Experience I Achieved Working With Clients Like

IxDA Buenos Aires
JP Morgan Chase

How it Works

A personalized approach designed to help you achieve your goals and advance your career.

Learn to build and execute upon a UX strategy.
Start studying the video courses.
You’ll master essentials such as how to develop projects from start to finish, lead a UX team, and more—equipping you with the skills and knowledge to enter a UX consulting career.

Work With Your Mentor

An exclusive Slack channel to speak with your mentor and ask everything you need.
Get feedback on your projects, answers to your questions, and real-world career advice.
Learn from your peers
When you share in our Slack channel, you’ll get feedback and advice from your peers too.
Leverage your projects asking to the wisdom of the UX crowd!

For who is this?

Tip: If you are into getting a product or service out there, this will help you improve dramatically your results

The User Experience Design Knight

To save the World (one project at a time)

Anyone with a User Experience or Service Design background, who want to become consultants and freelancers

The CEO & Product Owner & Founder & Wizard & Hustler

To create a User Centered Company)

Founders, Owners and any Entrepreneur that want to get the best product ever, with the best people around

The allmighty Project Manager

To lead a User Centered Team

Project Managers responsable for succes in Software and/or Hardware development

Some of the testimonials from my +1100 Udemy students

Welcome to the day in which you'll start your transformation

Being a User Experience Design Strategist is a pathway to mastery.
Not only as an interaction designer or a researcher
To be a Senior UX, one must understand the whole picture… understand how great ideas translate to specific tactics for implementation.
Think about it: as a Senior, you are going to face Class C executives in your daily meetings.
You’ll have to help them understand “The UX Way”, showing them why your ideas and methods will not be a waste of their billions.
This apply to clients, stakeholders and even your own teammates.
You’ll need to transform yourself.
You have to become a connector.
And to do it well, you’ll need first to become centered within yourself, and from there relate with them like equals.
If you want the TRANSFORMATION – You have to be willing to commit to yourself right now, and accept the journey.
Let go of the old version of yourself…
Let go of your attachment to permanence…
Let go of your fear of change…

What you'll be getting from this bundle

Manage a UX-related project from the first e-mail to the stakeholder's presentation meeting

Understand how to create a bullet-proof strategy and how to lead a development team

Understand why teams and stakeholders would follow your lead as a UX Strategist

Learn how to charge
for a proposal

Learn a special question that will save you to invest in a prospect that will never become a client

Increase your work capacity using lean techniques with digital tools as leverage

Substantially increase your earnings per project

Get access to a complete set of free "tools of the trade" of UX Design to manage your projects as well as your daily routine

A UX course that tells what colleagues don't talk about...

This bundle will provide value, no matter your current level of skills

If you are just starting out...

You are probably still studying and you work as a developer, a designer or a project manager.

User Experience Design concepts and techniques sound great in theory, but because you haven’t had a chance to implement them very frequently, the results still feel a little out of your reality.
Still, you are doing your part in different projects, but you can’t influence the decision makers to go along.
Self-accountability is a must-have skill for this to change.
This course will guide you to understand how to organize yourself, to advance several steps into ‘the UX path’.

If you are already at intermediate level...

You will realize that a lot of what you have been doing so far is already working.

Most likely, you are able to get results, just not as consistently as you would like. 
You are at the point where developing consistency is critical.
As you start to go through the course, you will begin to see the frameworks, systems, and patterns come together.
You will walk away from this with repeatable results.
You will understand that you can be at your very best every time, instead of just sometimes… all it takes is a few small adjustments.

If you are advanced…

Sometimes it’s hard to find peers that are at the same advanced level that you are… 
With seniority cames a lot of responsibility. And with that, stress.
I created this course to help UX people to become more efficient.
To get more done in less time…
And to have a more enjoyable UX practice.  
 This bundle provides a framework to rely on: It will give you the tools to get consistent results managing several projects at the same time.
Usually, getting from a 9.5 to a 10 is harder than from a 6 to a 7.
In this course you will find new angles, discover new perspectives, and establish new frameworks that will work for you day in and day out.

What this Learning Path is not

– This UX course does not cover items that are basic about UX Design or interaction design. I’ll present you management techniques, strategies and tactics.

– This is not an english class: my english is kinda imperfect. I’m from Argentina, and you’ll notice some errors. But please, don’t let this be a blocker in trying the value of the contents that I share. Remember that you can always ask for a 30-day refund from me, no questions asked.
– I barely appear on camera: I like to get “to the meat” when I teach, to get each minute of each video full of value.

Meet your UX Mentor: Mariano Goren

Hi! Mariano here.

I have 10+ years of experience in the digital business industry where I’ve had developed well-rounded capabilities in business, psychology and technology.
As a UX Strategist Consultant, I’ve worked for a wide range of clients, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies like: Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Santander, Kantar Media, RR Donnelley, LAN, Tenaris, Ternium, to name few.
I was Academic Coordinator for ITBA (Technological Institute of Buenos Aires) and University of Palermo, both international-grade educational institutions.

30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Remove every excuse not to learn these skills

If you have any doubt of the quality of the program, know that this is worth AT LEAST 10x the value.

Come try it.

If after 30 days it doesn’t deliver 10x the value – refund it.

Period. No questions asked!

I give this personal guarantee because I’m sure that you’re going to be totally satisfied with the result.

Ux design strategy bundle LITE

** Just the best UX Strategy video course **
$ 199 Includes:
  • UX Mission Control & Strategy (Video Course) > $200 value
  • 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Ux design strategy bundle FULL

** Best value mix **
$ 793 Includes:
  • UX Mission Control & Strategy (Video Course) > $200 value
  • How To Manage Ourselves In Meetings (Video Course) > $35 value
  • Presentation Design Framework (Video Course) > $35 value
  • Private Learning Community Access (Slack) > $49/month value
  • Indigo Studio Pro (1-year Full License) > $495 value
  • 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee

Ux design strategy MENTORSHIP

** Personalized coaching version **
$ 1990 Includes:
  • UX Mission Control & Strategy (Video Course) > $200 value
  • How To Manage Ourselves In Meetings (Video Course) > $35 value
  • Presentation Design Framework (Video Course) > $35 value
  • Private Learning Community Access (Slack) > $49/month value
  • Indigo Studio Pro (1-year Full License) > $495 value
  • 4 Personalized Coaching Skype Calls with your Mentor
  • 30-day Total Satisfaction Guarantee
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