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The Two Most Important Learnings Of My First Roundtrip Around The Globe

It seems that the Ides of March effect is taking place.

In times of the Roman Empire, the Ides were the time of the month were significant changes (mostly financial ones) took place.

In my case, I noticed that this time of the year is quite significant, specially if I look to my most recent past.

March 15th 2016 marks the day in which I started my first round-the-world trip as a nomad.

I had the privilege to roam and live in:

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Badalona, Spain
  • Arenys de Mar, Spain
  • Canngu Bali, Indonesia
  • Melbourne, Australia

Then back to Argentina via the Pacific Ocean.

Last Day in Melbourne, Australia

Two Big Learnings

I think that the two most important learnings from this trip are well related to the social science that is User Experience Design, and I’d like to share it with you:

First one is unattachment to results.

This one come with a certainty of self-confidence that I have -or eventually find the tools to go through any situation.

In any kind of venture, is essential to trust the process and our abilities to solve problems.

Shit is eventually hitting the fan, regardless of our efforts. So, it is useful to have an open mind and see each challenge as an opportunity, not as a liability.

Second is empathy, the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of other people.

Empathy allows our body to replicate other’s emotions in our own body, allowing us to understand what is going on with other human being.

In any kind of venture, we are going to depend on others will to fulfill our goals.

Empathy allows us to understand the jobs, gains and pains of the people in our environment, and accept their mindset.

From there on we can choose an approach that regards the other person objectives first, allowing us to connect positively.

. . .

Combined, these abilities allow ourselves to see situations from a positive and carefree perspective.

That is key when we have a complicated situation, something hard to resolve.

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