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The Solutionants Bootcamp Program Overview


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In the last article I told you about the “why” behind Solutionants UX Design Bootcamp, and today I want to give you the details on what kind of value it brings.

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Educating UXers To Take Advantage Of What UX Industry Needs

I’ve designed Solutionants Program after talking with design directors and recruiters from the digital industry.

All of them share the same problem: we have a market flooded with introductory UX/UI design courses, but none give students the experience of working in a fast paced environment, with real users and business goals.

I created Solutionants to offer the perfect fit for this need: a safe place for early-stage UXers make mistakes

The program has been thought to give them edge to get the UX career that they want.

Theory, Practice And Tools

The Bootcamp has two introductory weeks in which the students get four different video courses as theoretical foundations:

Each one of them takes on a different aspect of how to become effective in your practice as a UX professional.

Talking about that, knowing how to manage a project with a geographically distributed team is a must for UXers.

That’s why they are going to learn how to set up the set of tools (most of them free) that I currently use to make a UX management system that works for you.

The next ten weeks are going to be pretty crazy, and we are going to spend our time working with the Design Thinking Process as framework.

After researching, interviewing and mapping, we are going to create a fully functional prototype using Indigo Studio, which Pro license is included in the tuition.

The last week is about creating this Portfolio Item to document all the hard work and crazy situations that they’ve had lived. Also, you’ll get one-on-one consultancy with me and to finish, we are going to send your portfolio to some interesting organizations that require people with this kind of talents.

Real Client, Real Users

The interaction with humans in a project is one of the most underestimated issues in our UX industry.

Almost all UX Design programs don’t have this into account, so the designers end up lacking touch.

Solutionants is a baptism by fire: students will need to interview users and stakeholders right away.

What Gets Measured Gets Done

For this edition of Solutionants I’m implementing the Carrots And Sticks approach.

Each week, team members will have to present a report with their results.

If they’ve failed to comply with the project objectives, a financial penalty will activate: an anti-charity (like pro-guns foundations) will receive a contribution straight from their credit card.

This incentive-based practice has been incredible effective in helping people achieve their goals: studies report that signing up a Commitment Contract having someone checking your results increases your chances of success by up to 2x, and financial stakes increase your chances of success by up to 3x.

Goal-Related Interaction With The Team

Our team is gonna be limited to 6 students and 1 mentor (that’d be me).

Students are matched in pairs, based on interests and complementary knowledge, forming “peer teams” that will take shared responsibilities.

Systemic Benefit

Solutionants has a deep mission behind: to subvert education. It is based in my research about how to transform our educational system into a value-creation process for the whole world.

The kind of consultancy that we are going to give has a current market value of $180,000. So for each dollar that students invest in tuition, they’ll be giving five times that in value to the NGO that is being benefitted.

. . .

If you are interested to apply for the admission process, I suggest that you get the following form complete asap (there are just 6 places available):

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After that we’ll arrange to talk over skype.


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