Learn UX Design From The Trenches

Solutionants is the ONLY UX Design Bootcamp in which you'll be trained by working in a real project. 

Be part of a fully UX offshore team that has to deal with clients to satisfy, real user problems to solve & deadlines to meet.

Get Experience Crafted Working With Clients Like

IxDA Buenos Aires
JP Morgan Chase

Solutionants is No-BS
UX Design Training

Theory is great. Creating a fictional project is great.
But, rest assured: that’s not why any client is going to hire you
Solutionants is a 100% online practicum in which you’ll join a real UX consulting team in an incredible adventure, working with an NGO client to create a digital product that provides a solution for their users needs.
You’ll put in practice everything you already know about User Experience, and learn new senior-level skills.

Meet Memo

and his journey to change careers > from Video Producer to UX Designer in less than one year


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UX Bootcamp Overview

Get your first real experience in UX Design and apply everything that you know to a real project. Our client will be an NGO in need of real solutions.

+ 12 Weeks Online Bootcamp
+ 25 Hours per week dedication
+ Some UX background required
+ 4-6 UX Designers
+ 1 UX Lead
+ A Non-Governmental Organization

+ Full UX Strategy & Design Consultancy

– Business Analysis
– User Research
– Interaction Design
– Prototyping
– User Testing

PLAN (click image to expand in Prezi)

First blood.
High stakes.
Dire consequences.

Solutionants commit / NGOs commit
Commitment is crucial in any job relationship. Solutionants UX Bootcamp is no different.
If you fail to comply, part of your tuition fee will go to an organization you hate.
The NGO will have the same risk: if they fail to cooperate with us, we will send their deposit money against their cause.

The market price for a full UX Consultancy like this one is

U$D 180,000

(So, for each dollar of your tuition, you'll be contributing five in concept of UX Design Consultancy fee service)

Price Comparison With Other Design Bootcamps




12 weeks


Real UX Project



18 weeks


No live-fire practice



10 weeks


No live-fire practice



24 weeks


No live-fire practice

Includes The Following Certification & Goodies

Digital Certificate of Completion

A unique URL which works as the completion certificate.

The project brochure

Great portfolio item to show when asking for a job.



The project prototype

Another interesting thing to show in your portfolio.


Indigo Studio Pro 6-month License

One of the greatest UX Design tools.

$495 value

UX Mission Control & Strategy Video Course

Learn A Comprehensive System To Manage UX Projects, Which Includes Templates, Tools And Strategies, Tested In The Field.

$200 value

Presenting Under Stress: Presentation Skills Fundamentals

Get a simple self-dev framework to change how you present in any situation.

$35 value

Master Presentation Design Framework

Get a simple, repeatable framework to create fantastic presentations, understanding your audience in the first place.

$35 value

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100% Online

Classes Schedule (2 per week)

EDT: 11 am – 1 pm
PDT: 8 am – 10 am

Meet Your Lead UX & Mentor

My name is Mariano Goren. I think that we UXers are here to make a big change to society.

As one of mentors says: we are determined to be the architects and urbanists of the digital world.

This job comes with true responsibility, and that’s what you are going to get here…

I’m in the digital business industry since 1999. I’ve worked with small businesses from the neighborhood, and also with top C-Class level executives of some of the most powerful corporations in the world.

I’ve started doing business in Argentina and grew to become a world citizen, living in 5 countries and delivering education in UX and personal development for more than 7,000 students globally.

I’ve created Solutionants to be the perfect win-win strategy for education business:

– Students get a true and hard-earned portfolio item,

– The NGO gets a consultancy service that they can’t pay for, and

– I can create a system that regularly improves Earth: my personal goal fulfilled.

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