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A Simple Guide To Set Your Goals For Next Year

Since I started mentoring, I discovered that the most important factor for success is the amount of focused energy, on a given time, that we assign to move towards a certain goal completion.

And this is why, this year I’ll be setting some time aside (on December 30-31th, like always) for writing down my goals for next 1-2 years.

Here’s how I’ll do it:

I’ll See Everything Thru The Lifework Lens.

Early this year I wrote about how I maintain work-life balance: I simply don’t think them as separate things.

I take my life as an ongoing work of art: every action that I do is measured against that.

Lately, I started enforcing myself to even eradicate the word ‘work’ from my vocabulary. Now, I just ‘do’ things.

So from this perspective, my available time becomes a finite resource that I have to assign to different things: from cooking to designing, from mentoring to physical exercise.

Now this creates the need for some categories in which I can allocate my time. These are: my roles in life.

I’ll List The Different Roles That I Have In My Life

We all fulfill different roles or ‘hats’ in our daily lives. For me is best to pay attention to these areas of activities and create some projects for each of those categories.

Here are the ones that I use year after year:

  • Spiritual life
  • Social life & Relationships
  • Professional Career
  • Health & Vitality
  • Finances
  • Creative Expression

I’ll Create A Vision For Each One, For The Next Two Years

Next, I envision my projects/activities to push each area forward.

I usually aim high, knowing that perfection is not important: I’ll just do my best. Doing something purposefully is my measure of success.

In other words; the vision is something useful to align yourself for the future, focusing on projects.

But as you may know, the map is not the territory, so don’t expect a frictionless experience when deploying your strategy in the field.

I’ll Be Creating Short Term Goals For Long Term Success

The most important thing to have in mind along this process is the long term goals that you have.

To ensure that small things are going in the right direction, we need to have the big things as reference.

If you never (or not lately) have worked on this big goals, I suggest that you start from there.

Note: usually this is a challenging process, so here is a nice guide from the GTD Blog

Another great way of having this done is by getting a supervisor or coach that help you maintain your discipline. After several mentoring experiences, I can say that this works great.

An example of a Short Term Goal, Its Category And The Big Goal It Supports:

Spiritual Life:

– Meditate for 15 minutes, 3 days a week.

– Have at least one psychedelic experience.

– Do at least one thing that scares me.


All of these go along with my big objective of master managing myself, and my connection with the Force.


Thanks for reading this far. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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