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Global Design Institute: In The Search Of A Design System For Earth

I’ve become increasingly frustrated over the years knowing that governments, academia, and corporations pursuit their own political goals instead of working side-by-side to once and for all, set up the structures for our civilization to thrive.

So a few years ago I came with the idea of creating the Global Design Institute: a hub for planetary innovation, where projects that can be used to solve world’s most distressing problems are revised from a human-centered point of view, and then featured.

This way, power groups are left without excuses when deciding their future plans.

Even in part this is a little bit like ‘designers to power!’, I think that the most important thing that we do in our daily work is to make others participate.

So I think this more like ‘designers to facilitate extraordinary people do their best’.

The Mission: To Create A Design System For Earth

When I started working on this idea, I hypothesised that what we need in the end is to have a reference framework that serves creators a starting point from which to see things in a different way.

The business model is not clearly defined yet (have more hypotheses on this too): first comes understanding the current situation and the people behind the decisions.

So this first Research & Discovery part of the project will be focused on understanding the different actors of the ecosystem, and interviewing them to learn more about their problems.

Current Status

  • I’m in talks with individuals and organizations that currently work to make the world a better place for partnerships and advice.
  • I’ve created the first pitch to showcase the idea. I’ll share a more polished version in the next few days.
  • I followed Ash Maurya’s Lean methodology to put this out there as soon as possible and test if there’s a problem that deserves attention.
  • Planning to make a launch for Earth Day later this April.


So if you are interested in following up or actively participate in this new and challenging experiment, just head on over to and sign-up there.

PS: I’m open for partnerships and looking for new talent to join. If this is your case, drop me a line at contact(at)


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