BondLedger is a digital platform for the issuance, management and trade of blockchain-based bonds, for private and public entities worldwide

We provide a blockchain application that enables public and private entities issue bonds and make them available for trading by investors.

With our solution, Issuers don’t need to pay intermediaries such as investment banks to act as custodians of their bonds; Investors can trade the bonds without the help of centralized exchanges.

The same technology that World Bank and Sberbank used to issue their bonds

These renowned financial institutions made history using blockchain technology to create their first digital bonds.

Projects were successful and sent the foundational technologies that we’re using for your issuance.

What BondLedger enables​

  • Lowers drastically the costs per issuance.
  • Shortens the issuance time-to-market.
  • Reduce friction and administrative burden in every stage of the issuance.
  • Transparency: all interested parties can access the contracts information at all times. The historical bond ownership data is always complete.

  • Automation: our system not only keeps records but executes smart contracts that securely automate the functions of the financial instrument.

  • Decentralized Security and Trust: traditional issuance systems are centralized, carrying single points of failure. Also, their historical records can be altered retroactively.

  • Discoverability: to your request, we notify our network of Investors of your issuance.

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