11 questions to start a ux project - Mariano Goren

11 Questions to Start a UX Project

A step-by-step guide to make UX Design work from the first meeting

How can User Experience Designers start a project ensuring that it’ll be successful and profitable?

Why some projects go well and some don’t?

What makes them comprehensible?

Is there a pattern to make them better?

Simply ask these 11 questions

Amazon best-selling author Mariano Goren explains how he tackles on any project with a simple questionnaire that will make prospects reveal the 10% of the information that is needed to craft the 90% of a great UX project.
Through 11 down-to-earth questions, the protocol helps reach the ultimate goal of onboarding new clients, and lets us choose what is the best UX method to implement.
He created a book he wished had been available to him when he started his career as a UX Designer; a how-to guide for building better relationships with clients from the get-go.

For who is this?

This book is written for anyone that wants to start a UX project easily

The User Experience Design Knight

The CEO & Product Owner & Founder & Wizard & Hustler

The allmighty Project Manager

Meet the author:
Mariano Goren

Hi! Mariano here.

I have over 20 years of experience in the digital business industry where I’ve had developed well-rounded capabilities in business, psychology and technology.
As a UX Strategist Consultant, I’ve worked for a wide range of clients, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies like: Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Santander, Kantar Media, RR Donnelley, LAN, Tenaris, Ternium, to name few.
I was Academic Coordinator for ITBA (Technological Institute of Buenos Aires) and University of Palermo, both international-grade educational institutions.

The book provides readers with

A simple strategy to kick off the conversation with a prospect

Practical advice based in live-fire situations

An idea to substantially increase your earnings per project

A special question that will save you to invest in a prospect that will never become a client

Actionable steps that can be used as an email or as guide for a first interview

The review that best describes this book

Right from Goodreads

Amazon #1 Best Seller

Get into the groove of the client, with just 11 questions


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Mariano A. Goren
User Experience (UX) Design Strategy

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