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Mariano Goren

Some examples of my Lifework

I do a lot of things. Each one fits in a larger story: a work extending over a lifetime


Solutionants UX Bootcamp

Ventures  //  Instructional Design  //  User Experience Design Strategy

I created this UX Bootcamp training, in which we coach User Experience Designers in a live-fire situation.

Each student is part of a real team, that has to deal with real clients (NGO’s), real problems to solve & hard deadlines to meet.

UX Mentorship Program

UX Design Mentorship Program

Instructional Design

My latest project is all about helping UX Designers to evolve and get to their goals

11 Questions to Start a UX Project

11 Questions To Start A UX Project

Ventures  //  Product-Service Design  //  Instructional Design

A few years ago, I was failing 90% of my sales. 
I then decided to hack the delicate process of selling UX. This short book is the result of that process. 
It contains a field-tested questionnaire that has taken drastically down my [time spent] / [money earned] ratio ever since then I implemented it.
Available in Kindle Store and as a free pdf.

UX Design Strategy Course

Ventures  //  Product-Service Design  //  Instructional Design

User Experience is a beautiful discipline, but full of details that largely exceed the traditional design or dev foundations that UXers usually have.
This self-paced course aims to provide those strategic skills, with practical guides, checklists and templates ready to use.
This content has helped more than 3,000 students via Stackskills, Udemy, Edurila and Skillshare.

DemocracyOS Webapp

User Experience Design Strategy  //  Product-Service Design    

I have led a 5-person UX team to work in a conceptual approach on how re-create democracy in the 21th century.
We crafted the new version of DemocracyOS tool, ought to be used in parliaments, parties and decision-making institutions. 
Democracia en Red Foundation was our partner in this process to take DemocracyOS web version and take it into mobile. 
The result of this intense 6 month process? A fully functional prototype that allows users to get informed, join the conversation and vote on topics, just how they want their representatives to vote in congress.


Ventures  //  Product-Service Design  //  User Experience Design Strategy

Banks and financial institutions usually provide clients with less than few options to save money, offering very low returns based on obscure finance.
Neerva was the alternative, providing an easy way to save directly in bitcoins.
This short-lived project allowed me to use a full array of skills, from UX design to financial forecasting, from interaction design to business model creation.
We created a video pitch and a prototype, and presented it for Startup Chile 2014 edition.

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Growth Hacking  //  User Experience Design Strategy

Here I worked alongside Trusted Rebels Agency to improve the UI and UX of an ongoing project for one of the most respected companies in the weighting industry.

The UX research & wireframing process helped the team to understand the users lifecycle and identify new business opportunities to be tackled thru growth hacking techniques.
Some results:
> Quote requests up 100%
> Company growth after implementation +12%


Ventures  //  Product-Service Design  //  Instructional Design

The client –one of the hottest startups of entertainment industry, asked me to get a quick & dirty functional prototype to pitch to new investors and clients.
After almost 20 hours of non-stop work, we got into a simple but functional prototype that streamline the sales process. 
The result? In 2016. the company was effectively sold to C3 Presents, part of the Live Nation group. Mission accomplished!

Escuela de Negocios Digitales

Ventures  //  User Experience Design Strategy  //  Instructional Design  // 

Growth Hacking
My first education project was about helping latin american people to effectively implement a digital business strategy.
The venture included academic coordination partnerships with Universidad de Palermo and ITBA (Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires) to work in several instructional design projects.

El Integrador Podcast

Ventures  //  Product-Service Design

I created and produced this series of long-play interviews with people that I like. 
This content is for curious people that like to know more, learn more, and thrive.
Available in spanish via YouTube.

Organizations that I've worked for

IxDA Buenos Aires
JP Morgan Chase

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