Is Giving Away $180,000 The Way To Hack Education?

A few years ago I came up with this crazy diagram on the window of my studio. It was one of my ramblings about “how to solve education”. I already knew back then that I was aiming for a moonshot… so I decided to let the idea grow freely, and wait for the moment in […]

UXer! You Should – A Guide For UX Designers About To Start A New Project

After being involved in several UX Design Projects, I’ve learned that there are a few things that I have to make sure of getting in place first. Most of them are related either to Team Dynamics, or my Personal Behavior. And they surely diminish the probability of headaches. So, I thought that this could be […]

Introducing my UX Mentorship Program

I deeply believe that User Experience Design is one of the best ways to solve our global problems as a society. Mostly because we have EMPATHY in the center of our practice. Empathy with users, clients, stakeholders and teammates. This allows us to create a tangible, measurable positive impact for our whole ecosystem. So, helping […]